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American Family Project
an original play by the Rising Circle Theater Collective
exploring the transformation of the family ideal
March 1 - 11, 2007


The 24th Hour
A telethon to raise money for has-been 80's sitcom stars.
June 15, 2005 at Dillon's


Pulling the Lever
An original play by The Rising Circle Theater Collective
based on interviews about how we approach the most
important decision we face as a nation.
October 28 - November 6, 2004 at Wings Theater


The Color of Laughter II: A Rising Circle Fundraiser
The IMPROV, September 15, 2004
A night of laughs in ALL colors by top comedians Karith Foster, Michelle Buteau, Joseph Rocha, Wil Sylvince and many, many more. Hosted by
comedian Rick Younger.

Hall Pass Reunion Tour
Dillon's Cabaret Space, June 24th
An 80s cabaret comedy featuring the Rising Circle Collective as members of a high school 80s cover band reuniting a decade after their senior year break-up

Third Annual Curation
NYU Tisch School of the Arts, August 10, 2003
A workshop of a collaborative play written by members for invited guests only.

The Color of Laughter: Second Annual Fundraiser
NoMoore Bar and Lounge, February 6, 2003
An Evening of Comedy starring four comedians of color and comedy improv by Rising Circle Theater.

Minds on the Mend
The Producers Club, May 6 - 7, 2002
A Sold-out two-night showcase of Original and Published Works exploring the psychology of the mind.

Second Annual Curation Workshop
NYU Tisch School of the Arts, April 11, 2002
Selection of works for Spring Showcase 2002 for invited guests only.

Readings and Rhythms: First Annual Fundraiser
NoMoore Bar and Lounge, April 4, 2002
An evening of original works written and performed by members and music by Verge and Megabooty.

Family Ties
ManhattanTheatreSource, November 4, 2001
A workshop of original pieces open to the public.

New Beginnings
78th Street Theatre Lab, June 27, 2001
An Evening Showcase of Original Works.

First Annual Curation Workshop for New Beginnings
Joseph Papp Public Theater, April 16, 2001
Selection of works for Spring Showcase 2001 for invited guests only.