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Our Deepest Gratitude to our
Essential Donors

($10000 - Above)


($1000 - $9999 Donation)

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Manhattan Community Arts Fund 2008
The Atlantic Philanthropies, Inc.

($100 - $999 Donation)

Mr. and Dr. Joe and Tara Bishop
Mr. Ray Bowen*
Mr. and Mrs. Girisha Chandraraj
Mr. and Mrs. Luke and Venetia De Silva*
Dr. and Mrs. Nihal and Maya De Silva
Dr. Sriyanee Dias
Drs. Lucky and Kumu Fernando
Drs. Jyoti and Raj Garapati
Mr. and Mrs. Tilak and Aloma Gooneratne
Mr. Henry Hagerty and ThinkBank, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Grafton and Sue Jhung*
Mr. and Mrs. Sung Tae Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Krishna and Lopa Kolluri
Ms. Carolyn McKinney
Mr. Hayes Mizell
Mrs. Paula Kuebler and Mr. John Phillips*
Mr. and Mrs. Sanat and Sushi Parikh*
Dr. and Mrs. Umakant and Bharti Purohit*
Mr. and Mrs. Jun P. Rhee
Mr. and Mrs. Ashok and Daksha Shah*
Ms. Nandita Shenoy
Drs. Viji and Brahman Sivaprakasapillai
Dr. Tanmeet Sethi and Dr. Steve Olivar*
Ms. Vanessa Taylor*


($10 - $99 Donation)

Ms. Judith Bass*
Ms. Joan Beavin*
Ms. Sukhi Bubbra
Mr. and Mrs. K. Chandraraj
Ms. Alina Chatterjee
Ms. Joanne Hwang*
Ms. Carole Leimomi Jhung
Ms. Sue Joseph
Ms. Elin Modjeska*
Dr. and Mrs. N. and Srima Nissanka
Mr. Subhash Parikh
Ms. Nina Parikh*
Mr. and Mrs. Manoj Parikh
Mr. Dhrumil Purohit
Ms. Amy Stomieroski*
Ms. Yuen Hing Tse
Ms. Laura Vichinsky
Drs. Para and Shantha Waran
Mr. Lawrence Yang
Ms. Gloria Yu

*Donated in past years

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Many individuals have and continue to support Rising Circle's commitment to creating excellent theater art and entertainment in New York City. Choose from the following categories and know your generous support is most appreciated!

Idealist $10 - $99

  • Your name printed in all show programs and website
  • Receive prior notice of all Rising Circle special events

Dreamer $100 - $999

  • All "Idealist" benefits
  • Two (2) complimentary tickets to the show

Leader $1,000 - $9,999

  • All "Idealist" benefits
  • Four (4) complimentary tickets to the show

Visionary $10,000 - Above

  • All "Idealist" benefits
  • Eight (8) complimentary tickets to the show
  • Eight (8) invitations to Rising Circle Opening Night event (If held)

The tax deductible amount is limited to the amount of the contribution that exceeds the value of the goods and services provided. By waiving your benefits you may take a full 100% tax deduction for your contribution. (Use the DONATION FORM attached with your contribution.)


The Rising Circle Theater Collective graciously accepts In Kind Donations for expenses and all aspects of theater production. Support toward costumes, set building, lighting, sound equipment and creative expertise, as well as, items such as rehearsal space, printing, food, drinks, and transportation are WELCOME!

All donations are tax deductible and your name will be listed in the show program and website.


Corporations and Individuals alike are welcome to contribute to The Rising Circle Theater Collective's ongoing dedication to providing quality theatrical productions in New York City and abroad.

Each level of sponsorship has more differentiations than can be listed here. Ask about the breakout features for each level, as well as customization options for your particular company.


  • Associate Producer $2,500 - $4,999
  • Producer $5,000 - $9,999
  • Executive Producer $10,000 - Above

Here are a few features that could benefit your company:


  • Company Name/logo in all print advertising, show programs and website
  • A full page ad in show's program, b/w or four color (depends on sponsorship level)
  • Company Name on every ticket sold for your sponsored show
  • Company Name on banner above theater entrance
  • Company Name on Rising Circle's Production Display Board in theater lobby


  • Tickets to the sponsored shows Opening Night reception and performance


  • Employees of the sponsoring corporation receive a special discount on tickets through the run of the sponsored show. Ask about block tickets!



Advertising in our Program is a great way to support our productions and an excellent way for you to reach our particular target audiences for your business.