Cut Class with Hall Pass!
The Four Borough Reunion Tour

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It all began on October 21, 1986 when a group of nine buddies at Edison High School sang the hit song from the movie "The Breakfast Club" for a school assembly.

Hall Pass was a hit! Booking malls wasn't easy back then, but word of their talent spread like wildfire, and soon their manager, the famous "Auntie", was competing with mall favorites like Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. To take the edge off the competition Auntie said, “If you can't beat ‘em, join 'em!” Hall Pass began touring many of the bigger malls in central Jersey as the opening act for the mall mega-hit Tiffany!

Overnight, Hall Pass became a teen cover-band sensation in both Middlesex and Monmouth Counties of New Jersey. With such an enormous success, they decided to seize the biggest opportunity the world could provide, the Big Apple. Yes, the Big Apple itself! They embarked on their first 4-Borough Tour. But truly, the moment that the generous Hall Pass singers call their triumph was actually far removed from the glam and the glitter of mall land. It was when they went back to their roots, their friends, their families and performed their high school graduation hailing a standing “O”.

However, the summer after their senior year strife and tension began to penetrate the group. Danio, the lead singer wanted to launch a solo career, while Kelly G. and Lil’ Biggums continued to break up and get back together. Despite all the infighting and backstabbing, they continued to perform with sponsorship from The Chess King and Orange Julius, but something had come undone. By the end of the summer, the band fell apart. Fans mourned for years.

BUT NOW THEY'RE BACK! Bebe and Devi decided to reunite the band for one final tour - the FOUR BOROUGH REUNION TOUR, just like old times.

“Things have changed, but things are still the same… you know the saying,” says Auntie, their manager, “and they're bigger and better than ever! Watch out Justin Timberlake, Hall Pass is back!”

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