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The Four Borough Reunion Tour

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ABCD (played by Debargo Sanyal)
Fresh off of “American Idol” ABCD, pronounced "ab-sid-ee" made it down to the final 32 before getting booted from the show. Not that he’s bitter about it. He doesn’t think that he’s all hot shit because, you know, he’s totally down-to-earth. BUT you know, 30 million people watched AI every week. This performance is dedicated to SIMON, a big flip of the middle finger to ya babe!
BEBE (played by Lucinda Holt)
Bebe works in the publishing business at Knopf in NYC. She’s so excited for Hall Pass to be reunited because it’ll give her best friend Devi the chance to really shine. Bebe’s taken it upon herself to be taskmaster (of course) for this tour because sometimes people in this band need to be checked!! She’s proud to be sharing this night with her “kid-to-be.”
BIGGUMS (played by Rick Younger)
Rev. Dr. Montez Q. Biggums Jr. greets you in Jesus Joy. He considers it an honor and a privilege to be on the way to being in the number once again. He received the call to the ministry and dedicates this performance and the many to come to the Lord. He looks forward to being the beacon of light in the lives of all his former band mates. His next project will be a revival that will set souls on fire in the name of Jesus and Hall Pass
DONIO (played by Don Nahaku)
Hey Everyone! Snuck this bio in last minute coz Otis gave me call to let me know that Hall Pass was getting back together. Can’t believe that Devi and Bebe didn’t call me. Me-the former leader of this band that brought it to the level of greatness that it is/was..well whatever. Currently I am the Paradise Shave Ice King (my cart’s right outside). Yep that’s me and it’s all good cause I am rakin’ the bucks! But my next project is definitely in the works. With the proceeds from my business I’d like to give back to my community, but actually I can’t coz I’m trying to refurbish my Trans Am right now.
DEVI (played by Deepa Purohit)
This is Devi’s star studded performance in the great Manhattan NY. Music credits include, Open mic nights at Brooklyn Moon, and a few other cafes around the borough. She’s been compared to great singers like Patti Smythe, Joan Jett, a little bit like Teena Marie, with a touch of Aretha soul. Demo CD’s available upon request. She’s currently working on her next project, a Broadway musical. She hopes to give you taste of it 2nite in her solo performance.
KELLY (played by Catherine Jhung)
Aloha Om Shanti!I feel the spirit rising... or is it a circle...? Oceana was down in the gutter, having hit rock bottom, using drugs and sex in a fruitless, dangerous search for enlightenment, when Whoooooosh! the Goddess came to her. She now follows the true path of Isis, Buddah and the volcano goddess Pele - triumvirate of light. She’s also excellent at reflexology and lomi-lomi massage if you're energy isn't manifesting itself directly. She looks forward to riding on with this new incarnation of Hall Pass and to spreading some new, greatly, deeply improved karma among our tribe. Spiritual wisdom will never fail to reward us financially.
LARRY (played by Rod Bowen)
Hey. I'm Larry. I'm a member of Hall Pass. I love Hall Pass. We rock. If everyone gets along… we'll rock…the world. I get along with everybody. I even like the new guy. We can all rock together. This is just the beginning, I mean a new beginning for us. Hall Pass forever!
MONY (played by Ragini Shah)
Hi, Mony here, original member of Hall Pass. Thanks to Uday for making this concert possible - you really rock dude! You're the behind the scenes man with the plan! I think my mom, our manager, is more excited than anyone. She’s REALLY looking forward to belting out a few tunes, for old time's sake, with Otis.
OTIS (played by Ajit Jagdale)
Currently Otis is an urologist in an unnamed suburban hospital in NJ. He volunteers is clinical services in downtown Newark. Otis agreed to provide funds for the 4 Borough Reunion Tour. He wants to thank Auntie, Hall Pass’ manager, for all her support and for being such a great listener.

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