Affiliated Artists

Our affiliated artists are project-based artists: actors, writers, directors, producers, stage managers, and designers. They are artists who have worked or continue to work as consultants in their area of expertise for a defined project or workshop. They include artists who may or may not self-identify as people of color, former Collective members, artists we've worked with in the past. But most importantly, they are artists who believe in the mission of the company.

Our Affiliated Artists are an essential part of creating an artistic community committed to our mission. Affiliated Artists play a vital role in the development of our work. They participate in workshops of new work (providing feedback and/or participating as a reader), participate in full-length productions and/or readings for the public, facilitate skills building workshops in their area of artistic expertise, provide support in the form of lending networks and resources, and through their work with the company, help expand our audience.

Once an artist has worked with us on a project, we invite them to consider becoming an Affiliated Artist. Please email us at [email protected] if you'd like more information about becoming an Affiliated Artist.
Chris Brown Shoko Kambara Tijuana Ricks Priya Soni
A-men Rasheed Mellini Kantayya Jeff Pagliano Jordan Thomas
Amelia Dombrowski Sean Krishnan Anuvab Pal Rick Younger
Lucinda Holt Sunil Malhotra Gita Reddy Samir Younis
Ajit Jagdale Sunita Mukhi Geeta Citygirl Maggie Siff
Don Nahaku Thanya Polonio-Jones Alexis Camins Ragini Shah
Debargo Sanyal      

Friends of Rising Circle are great resources and support for Rising Circle in many different capacities including: creative work, acting, writing, directing, creative feedback, publicity, website development, volunteers for events. They are committed to our mission and the work we do.
Marcus Baram Christopher Fan Kevin Shenoy    
Daniel Nainan    
Matt Pendergast      
Sarah Bellows