Our Deepest Gratitude to our
Essential Donors

June 2009-May 2010

($100 - $999 Donation)

Drs. Madhu and Vilasini Shanbhag*
Drs. Sadashiv and Lata Shenoy*
Mr. William Schwartz*
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Tara Bishop*
Mr. Peter Rider
Dr. and Mrs. Jayant Shenai*
Mr. and Mrs. Grafton and Sue Jhung*
Mr. Thomas Foster and Ms. Dinah Seiver
Ms. Eleanor Bindman*
Ms. Christine Simpson Sachs*
Mr. Anil Fernando
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Neela Weber*
Mr. Ru Bhatt
Mr. and Mrs. Krishna and Lopa Kolluri*
Mr. Ashok Chandra
Mr. Britton Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Judson and Merilee Jennings*
Ms. Geeta Citygirl/ Chopra
Dan Nainen and Amie Parikh*
Mr. Robert Voisey
Dr. and Mrs. Nihal and Maya De Silva*
Ms. Barbara Hauptman and Mr. Jonathan Falk
Drs. Amol and Shashi Lele
Dr and Mrs. Jayanti Kale
Mr. and Mrs. Kamalakar Shenai
Karen Hershey and Laurence Green*
Mr. David Jenkins
Mr. Jeffrey Cordell
Ms. Sileen Soni
Ms. Mini Kim *
Ms. Rosemary Ricci-Mullen


($10 - $99 Donation)

Dr. Katerina Christopoulos
Ms. Tina Gagliano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Robin Easton
Mr. Frances Jue
Ms. Christy English
Ms. Catherine Luna
Ms. Melissa Sandor
Ms. Ingrida Berzins
Mr. Andrew Tierstein
Ms. Shyla Kinhal
Ms. Nora Septoff
Ms. Charity Henson-Ballard
Ms. Carrie Ahern
Ms. Kwanza Butler
Ms. Jewell Campbell
Mr. Antonio Del Rosario
Ms. Patricia Desvallons
Ms. Mary Beth Moss
Mr. Matt Schneider
Ms. Lisa Stevenson
Mr. Robert Taylor
Ms. Carol Rostant
Ms. Thanya Polonio Provine
Mr. Gabe Scheck
Ms. Nikkole Salter
Ms. Erin Garth
Ms. Rosalyn Chi
Mr. Rick Younger
Mr. Peter McCain and Ms. Kathy Lindboe
Mr. Shashi Kara
Ms. Nikkya Martin
Mr. and  Mrs. Vasant Marathe
Drs. Atul and Ira Marathe
Mr. and  Mrs. John Visco
Mr. And Mrs. Tom and Karin Schall
Mr. Ned Levy
Ms. Teena Purohit
Ms. Priya Soni
Ms. Gloria Yu
Mr. and Mrs. Naveen and Neha Choudary
Ms. Nandita Shenoy

*Donated in past years

Rising Circle is generously supported by:

The Atlantic Philanthropies, Inc.

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Manhattan Community Arts Fund 2008

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Like all non-profit arts organizations, Rising Circle Theater Collective, Inc. succeeds in implementing its vision and mission through generous contributions from its many donors. Your gift today will ensure Rising Circle's development and growth.

We sincerely thank you for your support and commitment to Rising Circle Theater Collective, Inc.


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Many individuals have and continue to support Rising Circle's commitment to creating excellent theater art and entertainment in New York City. Choose from the following categories and know your generous support is most appreciated!

Idealist $10 - $99

Dreamer $100 - $999

Leader $1,000 - $9,999

Visionary $10,000 - Above

The tax deductible amount is limited to the amount of the contribution that exceeds the value of the goods and services provided. By waiving your benefits you may take a full 100% tax deduction for your contribution. (Use the DONATION FORM attached with your contribution.)


The Rising Circle Theater Collective graciously accepts In Kind Donations for expenses and all aspects of theater production. Support toward costumes, set building, lighting, sound equipment and creative expertise, as well as, items such as rehearsal space, printing, food, drinks, and transportation are WELCOME!

All donations are tax deductible and your name will be listed in the show program and website.

Our deepest thanks to the following people for their generous in-kind donations:

Meki Adefris, Founder & President - Me & Lu
Rayna Bourke, Associate Manager, Ticket Services  - Carnegie Hall
Jackie Bruncaj, Studio Manager - Yogaworks
Girisha Chandraraj, SVP Marketing - Broder Bros.
Karen Hershey, Event Planning - Consultant
Cameron Holsinger, Production Coordinator - FB NYC LLC
Lois Navarro - DKNY
Sharon Ng, President - Lango Kids Brooklyn
Theresa Palazzo, Owner - Underpinnings Acupuncture
Karin Schall, Event Planning - Consultant
Nandita Shenoy, Event Planning - Consultant
Noha Waibsnaider, President - Peeled Snacks
James Yang - Illustrator
Nabi Gallery
Pines Restaurant
Jill G – Catering and Personal Chef
Elliot Black - Photography


Corporations are welcome to contribute to Rising Circle Theater Collective's ongoing dedication to providing quality theatrical productions in New York City and abroad.

Each level of sponsorship has more differentiations than can be listed here. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can support Rising Circle, email Deepa Purohit, the Artistic Director at [email protected].



Advertising in our Program is a great way to support our productions and an excellent way for you to reach our particular target audiences for your business.