"American Family Project is another worthwhile endeavor from Rising Circle Theatre Collective. Their mission to give voice to America's unheard minorities is as inspiring as it is expansive. Whatever their next move is, it will be one worth keeping an eye out for."

-Michael Criscuolo from

"Everyone has a story to tell, and these days it's a race to see who can get on television first to divulge the most hideous secrets. Taking a more subtle and confessional approach, the Rising Circle Theater Collective, in American Family Project, its second original work, wants to tell family stories that aren't typically part of mainstream dialogue...American Family Project has the power of a talk show, only it's scripted and not meant for anyone's entertainment or easy consumption."

-Jerry Portwood from Backstage

"They can categorize and segment us by ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, profession, age, gender, or class; they can (and do) survey us daily and endlessly about who we're planning to vote for, how we think the economy is doing, or what movie star we think is prettiest. But...We're Americans; who knows us better than ourselves? So bravo to the Rising Circle Theater Collective, who have created a new populist play called Pulling the Lever that reveals who we actually are more vividly and authentically than a hundred Gallup polls ever could. The members of this still-young company talked to about 40 people this past summer, about their jobs, their lives, and their political beliefs. What they have to say is fascinating and wonderful."

-Martin Denton from